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Ownr launches fund to support Canadian entrepreneurs

Recent COVID-19 developments have had a significant impact on the small business community, the backbone of the Canadian economy. The team at Ownr has introduced Ownr Grants, a $25,000 fund to help support Canadian entrepreneurs with their business pursuits.

“We continue to hear stories of businesses that do not meet the requirements for Canada’s relief programs, and many aspiring entrepreneurs are hesitant to start a new business,” said Jordan Casey, Senior Manager, Ownr Channel Partnerships. “Ownr Grants is our way to help new businesses get their start or help existing businesses that have pivoted to serve Canadians during this time of change.”

Ownr Grants is the latest offering from Ownr, along with resources explaining government programs, tips for moving a business online, and a series of free webinars with helpful resources and education for entrepreneurs. Since November 2017, Ownr has helped more than 15,000 small businesses hit the ground running by simplifying business registration.

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Mike Dobbins